Pest Control in Pittsburgh & Tarentum, PA

Pests in your home or office become a major inconvenience. Not only do insects and rodents give your property an unappealing look, they can also prove to be frightening and dangerous. The look of your property is more important, and even more important our number one concern is the potential threat to your and your building's occupants' health.
From keeping your family safe or your business clean and appealing, you can trust that Pro-Kil Professional Exterminators will do what it takes to rid your property of pests. We offer a wide variety of services and while some are just services you may want, some are a necessity – such as bedbug removal.
At Pro-Kil Professional Exterminators, we are familiar with our area and how to get rid of the pests that invade it. Give us call if you have a problem with any of the following pest:
Stinkbug Services
Crawling Insect Services
Stinging Insect Services
Flying Insect Services
Rodent Elimination and Proofing
Bedbug Services
Any of the pests listed and more can present a health risk. When you notice your pest problem or signs of it, don't wait to call Pro-Kil Professional Exterminators. We look forward to working with you.
Stinkbugs are an important pest of agricultural and ornamental crops as well as a significant nuisance in and around structure. Feeding by stink bug damages fruits making them unfit for the market. In the fall, the stinkbug moves to structures in large numbers in search of overwintering sites. They do not harm humans, but are a nuisance because of their large numbers and odor.

Stinkbugs and other occasional invaders are controlled by our crack & crevice treatment around the exterior, interior, and along eves & overhangs. We also offer sealing up cracks & crevices from the outside, call us for more information.